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Bernadette is a master at what she does and working with her on my latest book was brilliant. She is a professional in every meaning of the word and I'm so glad I she worked with me very closely on this book. There is no chance that my book would have done so well if it wasn't for Bernadette, and working with Wiley, the largest business book publishing house in the world, they said she was one of the best. Bernadette is the real deal and I can not recommend her more highly.

Sam Cawthorn, author of Storyshowing and CEO and Founder of Speakers Institute

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I could not have hoped to work with a more professional or more patient editor than Bernadette Foley. Her work on the manuscript that became my first book, Leane Times, was invaluable, as was her advice and guidance about how to get the book published. I whole-heartedly recommend her services to anyone considering writing and publishing either a fictional or non-fiction work.

Wendy Frew, author of Leane Times, produced by Broadcast Books, 2018.


I met Bernadette when she was teaching a writing class, and it was – hands down – the best course I’ve taken. Bernadette is warm, professional and entertaining as an instructor; she draws from her extensive experience in writing, editing, publishing and teaching. Following that class, I booked a private consultation with Bernadette. She was exceptional at analysing my personal author brand, clarifying my challenges in pitching across diverse genres, and helping me communicate with publishers in a results-driven manner. I particularly loved how Bernadette took the time to educate me about the way publishers think. This knowledge translated into me being more confident and more targeted in my book proposals. Of course, Bernadette has a keen eye for detail when assessing manuscripts, but what I love most is her vision and ability to strategise about my career. I’ve already recommended Bernadette to my writing students in America and the UK, as well as to my author-friends in Australia. If you plan to invest in your writing career, Bernadette Foley offers the wisdom you need to get where you want to go. She’s intelligent, professional and responsive. She understands the bigger picture from a publisher’s perspective and offers support and coaching that will truly help you sell your work.

Catherine Greer, debut author of Love Lie Repeat, Penguin Random House, March 2019


I first met Bernadette when I took a writing class she was presenting and was immediately impressed by her extensive knowledge of the publishing industry and her professionalism. When my manuscript was completed, I didn’t hesitate in contacting Bernadette to engage her services. I had total confidence in the advice she gave — feedback on my work, how best to present my publishing proposal and which publishers’ to contact. The result? I was offered a two book publishing deal with one of Australia’s leading publishers within four weeks of submission. Bernadette’s quick response to emails and messages, her honest yet nurturing advice makes her a joy to deal with. I can’t wait to work with her again on my next project. Jules Van Mil, Sydney September 2018


A massive thank you to Broadcast Books for making this possible. Bernadette Foley, from our very first meeting you provided insightful and professional advice that resulted in publishing my first book. Your experience and knowledge gave me great confidence that I was working with one of the best in the business. Thank you.

Warren Tate, author of I Get You, produced by Broadcast Books, 2017. Order copies of I Get You from http://warrentate.com.au/


Bernadette Foley, I was tremendously excited when I learned you were going to be my editor. You sorted out the best from the weak and by doing that you charged me to think more acutely about what I'd written and how I'd written it. Thank you.

Jennie Jones, author of The House on Jindalee Lane, published by Harlequin Mira, 2017 http://www.harlequinbooks.com.au/products/search/Jennie+Jones


'Huge thanks to editor Bernadette Foley for her kindness, valuable insights and guiding hand to bring out the best in my writing and Hannah's story.' 

Fiona McCallum, author of Finding Hannah, published by Harlequin Mira, 2017



'Thanks to Bernadette Foley for her sympathetic editing of the manuscript, and Liz Seymour for her truly creative designs.' 

William Mackarell, author of Towards the End of the Line, produced by Broadcast Books, 2017