Who I am

Photo: Stine Baska

Bernadette Foley

Books and stories are central to my life. I help people to tell their stories, and produce books of the highest quality – and I have done so for over 25 years.

As a publisher and editor I have worked with some of Australia’s most beloved authors, including Di Morrissey and Richard Flanagan, William McInnes and Inga Simpson, Gabrielle Lord, Les Carlyon and Lian Hearn, Fiona McCallum and Mandy Magro, and many others. I teach in the UTS Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing and the Write Your Novel workshop at the Australian Writers Centre. To assist emerging writers I co-founded the QWC/Hachette Australia Manuscript Development Program, which has led to some amazing books coming onto our shelves over the past ten years.

Across my career I have worked in the leading publishing companies, including Hachette Australia and Pan Macmillan. I was awarded the Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellowship, which allowed me to work with leading US publishers in New York. Also, for my services to the publishing industry I received the George Robertson Award. Then, in 2014 I decided to make the leap and start my own business helping authors to write and publish independently or traditionally.

I know what publishers are looking for, how to identify the audience for your book, and how to refine your topic or book idea.

I can edit or write your book for you, when you decide to broadcast your ideas, and write and edit compelling content for your business.

I will look forward to hearing from you and reading your work.