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Monthly writing workshops

FROM 6:30 TO 8:30 PM

Level 2, 21 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst , Sydney, and on facetime

Writing lets the author enter their own world  with their characters and words. It is also useful and enjoyable to workshop new writing with other writers and experienced publishers. Ideas surface that can lead to an unexpected plot line or fix a nagging problem. I have designed my monthly writing workshops to trigger this creative process. I invite you to join me and a small group of other enthusiastic writers to discuss your work, hone your skills, and to help you stay inspired and motived.

Every month, we meet as a group for two hours to workshop each participant’s manuscript in a supportive, friendly atmosphere. Through discussion and feedback, the aim is to develop everyone’s writing to its highest level.

I also work with each writer individually  for one hour every month. We can shape the format of this hour together so that it is useful for you. 

We focus on fiction and narrative non-fiction.

The monthly writing workshops will combine my skills as an experienced editor and publisher with the dynamic interaction of a group of committed, creative people.

 With the writing workshops you will

·      Improve your writing through individual advice and group discussion

·      Finesse your manuscript to a standard suitablefor submission to publishers and agents

·      Learn to understand the importance of writing beyond the first draft

·      Develop skills to self-edit your work

·      See how analyses and constructive critique of another’s writing can improve your own.


PHOTO OF THE STUDIO:  Catherine Greer